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We, at Wet Acres, plan one to two litters a year. In addition, we may rarely provide the opportunity to own an older dog. Listed below are our current offerings:

NAVHDA Versatile Champion AKC Champion Wet Acres Watch the Birdy
  • We are expecting a litter of 10 pups to be whelped the first week on September 2019. Call us for more info!

Our Background

Breeder Of Merit

Ted and Linda Gagnon have each been involved in dogs for over thirty years. In the 70’s, Ted began successfully breeding, hunting, testing and field training with his former breed, German Shorthaired Pointers. Linda also started her “doggie” involvement in the 70’, but with Dandie Dinmont Terriers which she owned, showed and bred. Though she is currently without a Dandie, the breed is still in her heart, demonstrated by her 35 year membership in the Dandie Dinmont Terrier Club of America and serves as its Ethics Chair. She now primarily concentrates on the “Gagnon Gaggle of Griffs”.

Ted trains, hunts and tests the Wet Acres dogs throughout New England, New York, the Eastern Seaboard, Pennsylvania and Eastern Canada. He is a Certified Trainer and a graduate of the Connecticut K-9 Education Center. An AKC Hunt Test Judge, he is approved for Junior, Senior and Master Hunt tests. His memberships and offices include having served as both President and Secretary of Southern New England Chapter of NAVHDA and as Vice-President of the American Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Association for two terms. He is a member of the following NAVHDA Chapters: Yankee, Del Val, Merrimack and Southern New England with which he trains the Wet Acres dogs.  

Ch Wet Acres Agatha Frisky JH (Agga), Ch Fireside's Wet Acres Jalepeno JH (Jalle)
and Ch Wet Acres Abercromby'n'Fetch JH (Ivy) ~Photo by Isabelle Francais


Linda was president of Pioneer Valley Kennel Club for seven years, has sat on its Board and is currently its Corresponding Secretary. She is also the chair of its all breed point show held each summer . Further, she sits on the Board of both the Wachusett Kennel Club and the New England Sporting Group Association. Lastly, she was Secretary for the Southern New England Chapter of NAVHDA for one year. Prior to becoming a conformation judge with AKC in 2011, Linda served for several years as the Judges’ Education Coordinator and primary presenter for the American Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Association. She currently judges Griffs and Dandie Dinmont Terriers and plans to apply for more breeds in the coming year.

Linda and Ted have been fortunate to have accomplished much in their almost 24 years of involvement with Griffs. They have produced multiple NAVHDA Versatile Champions, a number of NAVHDA Utility Prized dogs, including several owner handled Prize I dogs, and more generally prized dogs than any other NAVHDA recognized breeder of which they’re aware. In addition, they have bred 17 Breeders Award litters, including one co-bred.

In non-hunt venues, Wet Acres has produced multiple dogs in the AWPGA Show Dog Hall of Fame, including the well known and remembered Ch Wet Acres Agatha Frisky, a Pedigree Award winner, and Specialty Winner Ch Wet Acres Dressed To Kill, owned and handled by the Karen Speiss’ for herself and husband, Chuck. Sheila Bennett is the owner and trainer of the first and only, to date, Obedience Champion in the history of the breed: OTCH GCH Wet Acres Reach for the Stars. His list of titles is featured on another page. And, finally, Wet Acres bred the first and second VCD I and II in Griffs.

The Gagnon's are dedicated to the ongoing improvement of their chosen breed. They view each aspect of the dog as equal – temperament, conformation and hunting ability – and work toward uniting these three prongs into the all around upland and water fowl gun dog which is the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. 


Our Breeding Program

The primary focus of Wet Acres is breeding a Griffon which is a strong and versatile hunting dog of good natural instincts, which is healthy and of sound temperament and which displays the physical characteristic which make a Griff such a special companion. To this end, we are extremely careful and thorough in the breeding process. Brood bitches are NAVHDA tested anc each of them hunts with Ted during the various bird seasons to which he has access. They are X-ray’d using either OFA or the Penn Hip Method to minimize the possibility of hip dysplasia. They are socialized with both adults and children, as well as to a variety of physical circumstances. Prior to breeding, they are given complete checkups to ensure that they are in top health before the breeding process begins. Furthermore, the stud dog is chosen with care and for very specific purposes and must compliment the bitch in as many areas as possible. The sire chosen will also have been examined and checked for any negative characteristics of diseases, and/or his pedigree for the same, and must be predictably not a transmitter of any negative issues.


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Our Contract

Wet Acres sells all dogs with a contract which provides that the dog purchased meets the requirements and expectations of the new owner in terms of temperament, trainability and performance. This contract includes a thirty month guarantee against hereditary conditions or diseases.


 Wet Acres Gold Standard and Wet Acres Gryffindor von Politzer



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